Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Prayer: Such Love

How can I tell of such love to me? You made me in your image
and hold me in the 
palm of your hand, your cords of love, strong and fragile as silk
bind me and hold me. 
Rich cords, to family and friends, 
music and laughter echoing in memories, 
light dancing on the water, hills rejoicing. 
Cords that found me hiding behind carefully built walls and let me out, 
love that heard my heartbreak and despair and rescued me, 
love that overcame my fears and doubts and released me. 
The questions and burdens I carry you take, 
to leave my hands free- to hold yours and others, 
free to follow your cords as they move and swirl in the breeze, 
free to be caught up in the dance of your love, 
finding myself in surrendering to you. 
How can I tell of such love? How can I give to such love? 
I am, here am I. 

- Catherine Hooper


pam lee-miller said...

so rich...thank you! I needed to read this especially this morning..

revkjarla said...

thank you, Julia.