Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sunday Prayer: Proper 21B, Pentecost 18B

Photo of the sunrise at the Grand Canyon taken with RevGals during the Grand Canyon road trip after the BE 2.0

Bless O God, all creation.
The sun that rises every morning
and clouds that bring us rain
and the moon in the dark night sky.
Bless us that we may be a blessing
to all we meet.

Heal us O God, from all 
that ails us - illness, dis-ease,
despair, hunger, thirst, all.
Heal us and all creation.

Bless the leaders of nations
fill them with wisdom.
Bless the leaders of cities
and towns that all
can work in unity
for the wellbeing 
of everyone, all

Help us, O God to be
your disciples. To listen
with open ears and heal
with open hearts.
Help us, O God to be
your disciples.

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