Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Prayer: Jesus as a Mother

Jesus, as a mother you gather your people to you:
You are gentle with us as a mother with her children;
Often you weep over our sins and our pride:
tenderly you draw us from hatred and judgement.
You comfort us in sorrow and bind up our wounds:
in sickness you nurse us,
and with pure milk you feed us.
Jesus, by your dying we are born to new life:
By your anguish and labour we come forth in joy.
Despair turns to hope through your sweet goodness:
through your gentleness we find comfort in fear.
Your warmth gives life to the dead:
your touch makes sinners righteous.
Lord Jesus, in your mercy heal us:
in your love and tenderness remake us.
In your compassion bring grace and forgiveness:
for the beauty of heaven may your love prepare us.

- St. Anselm


Martha Spong said...


Anonymous said...

I am not usually "anonymous," but this is a tender situation, so I am requesting prayers that I have clarity of purpose Tuesday at 1:00 pm EST in a conversation that I am certain will be difficult with another staff member. Ultimatums must be made, and I'm not so good at those. I need help remembering that it is ok (in fact preferred) to speak the truth in love, even if it is hard to hear. I tend toward tears, so a big part of of my prayer is that I not cry before, after or, God help me, during this conversation. Thank you, gals.

Pastor Julia said...

God of strength in vocation, no one is anonymous to you. Be with everyone who faces difficulty in the day ahead, grant courage and wisdom in speaking and listening. May our sister or brother who posted here feel your presence and know your peace. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julia. Felt your prayers. Did not cry. Still a bit unresolved - waiting to hear from another involved person, but feeling better.