Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Prayer: A Song of Degrees

Up to those bright, and gladsome hills
Whence flows my weal, and mirth, 
I look, and sigh for him, who fills
(Unseen) both heaven and earth. 

The glorious God is my sole stay, 
He is my sun, and shade, 
The cold by night, the heat by day, 
Neither shall me invade. 

He keeps me from the spite of foes, 
Doth all their plots control, 
And is a shield (not reckoning those) 
Unto my very soul. 

Whether abroad, amidst the crowd, 
Or else within my door, 
He is my pillar and my cloud, 
Now, and forevermore. 

- Henry Vaughan,   an adaptation of Psalm 121

The Poet's Book of Psalms. Oxford University Press, 1995. p.190

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Terri said...

This is beautiful.