Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7th Anniversary Prayer

God our provider,
Today the group called RevGalBlogPals celebrates its 7th anniversary.  
We are grateful to you for the opportunity to know and support one another in ministry, whether ordained or lay.
We thank you for this group that allows us to share ourselves and learn how to live in community, in some new ways.

Give us grace, humility, and humor to do your will and your work always.



Muthah+ said...

O Holy One, you have gathered us into a virtual community in the greater Church by way of the internet. Fill our hearts with a consciousness of one another that we may continue to bless the real world with your Holiness. Thank you for the faceless members and for all those who began this companionship so that we might be able to be about the various ministries to which you have called us.

Terri said...