Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday Prayer: In the Season of Weddings

Oh, Lord of love and unions,

In this season of ceremony and commitment,
We pray for those who are joining their lives together.
Guide them in their decision-making, in their promises, in their futures.
Grant understanding, discernment, and trust to these newly forming couples.

We pray for officiants, planners, attendants, and friends,
Bring them peace and patience.
Deliver inspiration and a sense of humor.

We pray for those who mourn relationships gone by,
For whom this is a tough time of memories,
Who struggle with the words of rituals and the promises made before and broken.

Be with all in this season of change, growth, development.
Grant us the grace to see your presence in all circumstances.
Bring us ever more fully into the people you have made us to be.