Tuesday, May 1, 2012

dear One...
it's May Day....
a festival of dance, of fertility, of fun...
I remember leaving May baskets for friends, and running away to avoid being kissed,
but oh,
how much fun getting caught with laughter and affection.

It's May Day,
oh dear One,
I don't have baskets of candies, or a ribboned pole to dance around.
at least, for me there are no festivities,
but really, who cares.  It's not like it's a religious holiday, right?

And yet,
I long for the joy of being a silly youth,
the freedom of dance,
the giggling, the joy....

so, today,
I pray for spontanaeity,
for the moment,
to be awake and free,
to discovered the promise
of colored ribbons,
and instant dance,


1 comment:

Terri said...

I love May day...thank you for this prayer...