Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Prayer: For the Unemployed

O God of vocation and calling, of work and of play...
On this day, we lift to you our brothers and sisters who are looking for work. We pray for those who have been turned down after yet another application. We pray for those who search for work with dignity. We speak of those whose discouragement has become paralyzing. We carry those whose unemployment benefits are ending and who are afraid.

Remember in your grace-
- college students just graduating
- older adults not yet ready or able to retire
- people with language barriers
- those whose work is not valued, but is necessary
- migrant workers and others who are paid "off book"
- the underemployed
- the uninsured
- people who believe selling their bodies is the next step
- those who believe the unemployed are just lazy
- for the unmotivated, the fearful, the despondent, the angry

Grant all these the comfort of your Spirit, the ability to see open doors, the grace of connections and opportunities, and the hope of a better tomorrow.



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I am still looking through this UNEnding WONDERFUL blog to reply so that ALL will know my thoughts ... meanwhile, since this is the most recent post, I will comment here --> THIS BLOG is UTTERLY ASTOUNDINGLY FABULOUS!!! SOOO needed amongst us ALL - so I posted a link via my Facebook link ...!/ALWAYS.Keep.Trying ... in particular today, for the Broken Hearted :o) God Speed to Everyone who posts here :o)))