Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Prayer: Psalm 23 in Haiku (Adapted)

The Lord my Shepherd,
there is nothing I shall want,
grazing in God's fields.

To quiet waters
God leads me; and as I rest
She revives my soul.

By paths of virtue
God, for the sake of Her name,
lovingly leads me.

Even in darkness
no evil will befall me,
no harm do I fear.

Your rod and Your staff
Will be of comfort to me,
signs of your nearness.

In sight of my foes
You set me at Your table,
offer me choice foods.

You anoint my head
with the richness of Your oils.
My cup brims over.

Oh, how much goodness!
You pursue me with kindness
each day of my life.

Thus shall it be, Lord:
my home, the house of Yahweh
as long as I live!

Gendered language altered by poster for prayerful consideration. 

 Original from here: 
Gwyn, Richard. The Psalms in Haiku Form. Gracewing: Herefordshire, UK. 1997. p. 21


Terri said...

I appreciate the alteration of gendered language. Sometimes I alternate female and male pronouns so that God is both male and female. And then for good measure I add God as "God"...non-gendered.

Also, I really love the Psalms in Haiku form, I did not know of this book until now. So, thank you in so many ways for this today.

Teri said...