Tuesday, March 20, 2012

for the least of these...

for the least of these
we offer our hearts and compassion,
our worry and our fears...

for the man in the motorized wheelchair who cannot speak,
but often gets hung up in the middle of the street because it isn't
wheelchair accessible. sometimes, even, cars almost hit him, in spite
of the huge flag swinging on his chair.
may Mercy prevail.

for jeanette, in the nursing home.
suffering, and ministers to those around her.
the highlight of the week, is when the nursing home lets
her come to church.
may Mercy prevail.

for the momma dog with nine four week old puppies, and
the papa dog named Boo, with a hurt paw.
the owner, challenged in so many ways, sees no reason why not
to separate these babies from the worried mom.  in fact, has given away three of her babies.
now there are six.
may Mercy prevail.

for the mothers of children killed in Afghanistan, and fathers, and grandparents...
oh, for the slaying of innocents in too many corners of this world,
may Mercy prevail.

for our compromised Earth home,
who offers so much beauty and warmth,
seasons and sounds and miracles...
may Mercy prevail.

may we be moved, continued to be moved,
to activate Mercy in the corners of our worlds.
give us courage to look upon, and not away...
to take action,
and be Mercy,
may Mercy prevail.


Mary Beth said...

Please, God.

Mary Beth said...

My Aunt Betty, who is 92, is apparently on her way Home.

I don’t know all the medical details. But my daddy heard a word in church on Sunday that his sister would be dying this week, and he arranged to take her communion (3 hours away from where my parents live).

He did and it was a good thing. She is a life-long Episcopalian living with her son and DIL who attend a non-denominational church, and having the Eucharist meant a great deal to her.

Please keep her in your prayers, as well as those who love and care for her. She is a very special person to me and I know she is ready to go to the Lord. I pray for a peaceful and holy end, if this is the time, or when the time is to come.

revkjarla said...

Prayers of love and comfort and mercy for your Aunt Betty. May God's spirit surround your dad, and your family. xoxoxo

Martha Spong said...

My prayers for Aunt Betty, and for those puppies, too.