Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healing Time...

dear One who is Many and Mystery,
we just need your wholeness, your healing touch.
Just  because.
We know we are to be Sharers of Your Gospel,
The Defenders of Your Justice,
The Lovers of Your Love...
and we believe this, we know this, we strive to do so,
in fact,
it is what we live for.
We don't always live up to what we long to live for.
We know this.
We have regret and sorrow.
We need your grace....
and we need to allow ourselves that grace.  
And then,
there are times,
when we just need You.
Your embrace,
Your wholeness,
Your healing---
because we are flat out like everybody else.
We need You.
Your Mystery and Many-ness.
O Holy One,


Martha Spong said...

Lots of illness, sadness, dying in my church neighborhood. Your prayers appreciated.

Terri said...

Martha, holding you and your church community in prayer. Comfort, comfort your people, dear God.