Tuesday, January 3, 2012

whew! a prayer for getting back into it.....

Dear God...
It's January.
The holidays are over--which were very nice, thank you.
Now I am facing the pile of stuff I didn't get to and need to get to, besides the new things on my list, which still needs to be made.

It's feeling a tad bit overwhelming.

So please...
in the chaos of the moment,
bring me back to
the still silent night,
the mystery of You.With.Us.
and remind me...
that everything will get done,
everything will be,
in it's own time.  



ellbee said...

Hearing several stories of families losing loved ones on Christmas Eve and the day. Some expected, some not. Peace, comfort and healing for all. And wisdom & compassion for those who might be called upon to offer those gifts.

revkjarla said...

indeed, and amen.

Jan said...

Thank you. Amen.