Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Prayer

Cradling God, it is another week and I am tired. Even in times of rejoicing, the cycle of living creates wear and tear on my body... mind... soul. In your loving arms, rock me gently and set me down with grace into this week.

Nurturing God, the season of Epiphany goes on and I still long for yet more inspiration. You have set before me a marvelous creation full of plants, animals, and people that reflect your love. Spoon into my heart the food for which my spirit longs... the sustenance of my faith... your daily presence.

Restoring God, I believe your kin-dom is at hand. Forgive, I ask, my unbelief. Continue your work, still on-going, which brings the world ever closer to the possibility with which you have instilled it. Bring forth the kind of healing that only a Creator and Lover can bestow.

Merciful God, you have already lived this Monday many times. Be with me in my one experience of this day. Send your Spirit to guide me, follow me and lead. Help me to see and to believe that there is nothing this day holds that is without your touch.



Terri said...

Julia, thank you for this lovely prayer, which speaks right into me. And thank you for joining our team of pray-ers. - Terri

revkjarla said...

oh! I love this prayer. Although it's Tuesday, and I am late, the image of Cradling God is quite meaningful today.