Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Prayer: God is Not A Problem

God Is Not A Problem
       Kilian McDonnell

("A problem is something which I meet, which I find complete before me." Gabriel Marcel, The Mystery of Being)

God is not a problem
I need to solve, not an
algebraic polynomial equation
I find complete before me, 

with positive and negative numbers
I can add, subtract, multiply. 
God is not a fortress
I can lay siege to and reduce. 

God is not a confusion
I can place in order by my logic. 
God's boundaries cannot be set, 
like marking trees to fell. 

God is the presence in which, 
I live , where the line between
what is in me and what 
before me is real, but only God

can draw it. God is the mystery
I meet on the street, but cannot
lay ahold of from the outside, 
for God is my situation, 

the condition I cannot stand
beyond, cannot view from a distance, 
the presence I cannot make an object, 
only enter on my knees.

McDonnell, Kilian. Swift, Lord, You Are Not. Saint John's University Press, Collegeville, MN. 2003. p. 92-93. 

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