Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Tuesday Prayer...

Take time to listen to the birds,
                                 the waves,
                                 the wind.

Take time to breathe in the air,
                                   the earth,
                                   the ocean,
          [or snow. ]

Take time to be still,
        to be silent,
        to allow God to fill you up
        with deep peace and love.

Maired Maguire
Recipient Nobel Peace Prize,
Community of the Peace People, Ireland


Terri said...

Amen...take time to be...

Songbird said...

Wow. Amen.
(I love the prayers you post.)
Lots of people in my universe struggling with illness, from cancer to depression to undiagnosed mysteries, and I'm praying for them today.

revkjarla said...

Prayers for your prayers and being time, Terri and Songbird....