Friday, December 2, 2011

Heading into December

Here we are, Lord, marching headlong into Advent and Christmas. It's a busy time for Rev Gals and Pals.  For some it is a sad time as well.  Some of us struggle with depression and loss and disappointment, even as we seek to help others through these things. Some of us have lost loved ones, or are unsure of our future places of service. Some are facing dangerous wind, storms on the way...and...well...God, you know.  We ask today for you.  Just YOU.  You in our thoughts, our conversation, our facial expressions, our hands and our feet and our spirits and our lives.  Be near, we pray, Spirit of God.  "Have our backs" as we often say to one another.  Be with us and in us and work through us as we prepare ways to share the Good News this season.  And help us to find our own moment of wonder in these coming days.  We do believe, and we do rejoice...sometimes in spite of things. 

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