Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Prayer....

As the summer winds slowly down...
As we retune our beings to gear up
   for school, for fall, for new program years,
or for whatever this transition time is for any of us,

We pray,
for grace,
for gratitude,
for energy,
for vision.

As we reflect outside of our walls and hearts,
We pray,
For Libya, and for all places of unrest, of death, of destruction, of war.
We pray,
For the desperate one, who has no where to turn, no food to eat, no home to go to, no love showered upon her...or him.

There is so much out there--people we know in chemo, people who are suffering from cancer, people who are in surgery as we speak, people who worry about which bill to pay,
oh! The list is random and endless....

Give us the patience to pray randomly and endlessly,
Give us the centering breath to breath in and out...
and go therefore,
into our worlds,
and be Love and Light as best as we know how.


Dorcas said...

Thank you. Feeling overwhelmed by needs...both my own and the much more significant ones of the world...and this was a reminder to pray "randomly and endlessly" and to do what we can. (((hugs)))

Terri said...