Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Every Morning

Every morning, God,
I wake up...
and lay in my bed...
I say to myself (and to You)
That I will do better today.
I will be kinder,
more forgiving, and welcoming.
I promise to be more aware,
to not center my thoughts on only my comfort, my wants, my wishes;
My hope is that I can be more focused on the needs and hurts and longings
of others around me--
whether it is my neighbor down the street (who drives me crazy)
or my co-worker,
or the mail carrier,
or the dismissive checker at the grocery store.
I also say to myself (and to You)
that I will eat better,
exercise more,
be focused and efficient,
judge less,
clean the bathroom,
and put away my shoes.

Then I get up,
brush my teeth,
and forget my prayers.
as always,
You don't forget,
and send angels and demons
throughout my day
to remind me.

I am grateful (and sometimes annoyed, I have to be honest)
but mostly,
I am grateful.
Teach me, lead me oh Holy One.


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Terri said...

Oh KRla, what a lovely prayer! Amen amen.