Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Hymn to Wisdom

Through silver veils of morning mist
break rays of golden sun.
In amethyst and ruby skies,
a new day has begun.

More treasured yet than silver, gold,
or any precious gem,
God's Wisdom breaks upon the earth
and wakes our morning hymn.

A radiant and unfading light
now shines before our eyes,
with insigh for all minds that seek
and truth to make us wise.

Sophia calls us to the feast
of wine and living bread,
where fruits of grace and peace abound
and hungry hearts are fed.

With Huldah, Hannah, Miriam,
and women folk unnamed,
we cherish our inheritance
of prophecy proclaimed:

The needy shall be lifted up.
The weak shall be made strong.
And Wisdom's flow'ring tree of life
shall blossom in our song.

CM (86.86)
by Mary Louise Bringle,  from "A Prayer Book for Remembering Women" by J. Frank Henderson.

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Terri said...

wow - really wonderful. thank you. amen!