Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prayer for a rambling spirit...

Ah, oh, yes, Holy One,
There you are..
Or rather, here am I...
Sort of.
I would like to be here more fully,
But there are so many things distracting me today.
The mundane, of course--
Dirty dishes in the sink,
The kitten that I lost upstairs somewhere (o.k.--that's not so mundane--and on that matter, could You do something about that?)
Bills to pay,
Forms to fill out,
Emails to answer,
Emails to write,
Getting it all done so that I might focus on...
That which is clearly more important but which easily and willingly slides into the background
Until the mundane demands are addressed.
Oh Holy One...
Sink into me,
May I sink into you...
Hold me,
So that I might more clearly hold the Light
For the mundane and for all that is sacred.