Tuesday, March 29, 2011

water prayers...

Wherever the waters flow, they bring health.
-Ezekiel 47:9

God our Mother,
Living Water,
River of Mercy,
Source of Life,
in whom we live
and move
and have our being,
who quenches our thirst,
refreshes our weariness,
and washes
and cleanses
our wounds,
be for us always
a fountain of life,
and for all the world
a river of hope
springing up in the midst
of the deserts of despair.
-Miriam Therese Winter


The Rev. Terri C. Pilarski, M.Div/MSW said...

wow - love this prayer. thank you.

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Cody Maynus said...

Lovely prayer, Revkjarla! Best to you!