Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Prayer

So, my apologies for missing last week--I forgot to pre-post, and then I unplugged for the BE 4, which was fabulous.

It was also filled with fabulous prayers--we sang prayers of the people twice--with a chorus. One was by Marty Haugen, and one was from the UCC new Prayer and Praise songbook.  The UCC one, penned by Richard Bruxvoort (sp?), is meaningful to me, especially at this time in my life.  So here is the chorus, which I had hoped would be on You Tube, but it's not.  It is actually a phrase from Ephesians 3:20:

"More than we can ask, more than we can ask,
More than we can ask or imagine...."

So, in your prayers today, remember, the Love of God is always more than you can ask or imagine,
so ask, and imagine beyond everything.....

Ah...Holy One,
In the craziness of our worlds,
in the busy-ness of our daily life,
In the mix of world crises, revolutions, civil wars,
and unspeakable horrors....
all we can do sometimes is just stop...
for a second or minute or hour if we are lucky...
and if we think too hard,
we know that it is more than we can ask or imagine
to pray for our healing,
for the healing of the world,
for the healing of hearts and minds and bodies...
and yet,
You are You...
and we are your beloved,
and all we really know what to do is to pray for that which seems beyond us...
More than we can ask,
More than we can imagine...
we know this prayer rests in your Heart and your Imagination.
Hear, oh hear, our prayer.