Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lenten thoughts...

God plays upon the harp of the Spirit,
Sounding the strings strongest in love:
And to this mystical music
Humanity is beckoned to sing.
--Mechtild of Helfta, 13th century

When you plow, don't lose your track.
Can't plow straight and keep a-lookin' back.

If you want to get to heaven, I'll tell you how,
Keep your hand right on that plow.

Keep on plowin' and don't you tire.
Ev'ry row goes higher and higher.

If that plow stays in your hand,
Heads you straight for the promised land.

Keep your hand on that plow, hold on.
Hold on, hold on!
Keep  your hand on that plow, hold on.
-African American Spiritual

May we sing in quiet mystery as we continue through this journey of Lent. 


Crimson Rambler said...

thanks for these, friend! Very timely, this morning! Even if my plow at the moment is a snowplow!

Terri said...

amen, Karla...good to be singing here, again!

Jan said...

Amen, amen.