Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a prayer for...all of us

oh God help us...
the children, the children locked in terror and silence,
fearful of mommy or daddy or both,
where we can't tell anyone of the hell we live in...
save us, God, have mercy....

oh God help us,
as we protest, as we shout loud for change,
just so that we can have food on our tables,
clothing for our babies,
just a little bit better of a life...
God, grant us justice...grant us peace.

oh God help us,
as we mourn quietly,
another day of struggle,
just to get out of bed,
just to get through the next hour,
as we deal with whatever it is that we are living now--
cancer. depression. loss.  transition.  curve balls.
oh God.  oh Holy One.  we just pray for your Grace.

and your Hope.
and your Life.



Gaye said...

Oh I needed to pray this prayer today. My grateful thanks.

SingingOwl said...

Amen...praying with you.