Friday, February 4, 2011

A Prayer for the Super Bowl Players

In Wisconsin, where I live, the news is all about the Packers and the Steelers. When the radio alarm went off this a.m. I noted that our usual Milwaukee news was being broadcast from Dallas and was all about football. Here is a prayer from an anonymous football fan in honor of the big weekend.

Dear Lord all I ask is that our team play up to the level of their greatness. If they do that they have already have victory in Your eyes. Let them know that by believing in You they are believing in themselves. God, release them from their worries fears and doubts so that they may concentrate on this important game. Make them fearless. Make them mistake free. Let them know your plan so that they may know theirs better. Guide them, protect them and let them know Your victory is a hard fought struggle--one filled with comebacks and blow outs. One filled with injury and wide open possibilities. One filled with heartache and triumph. But never does it exist without struggle, without fight, without Your eternal love that keeps us running in pain, running to the end of ones breath, running and never ever giving up-- even when the goal is in sight, and its has been scored. Running until we celebrate life's greatest victory in Your smile and the hugs of our "teammates." In You we are all victorious. Lord, protect the players of both sides, give the fans a day of fun and good cheer without any taint of violence. May all come to know what winning and playing the game of life means. Lord I humbly ask that You make them forever winners--the real kind. Amen.

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Terri said...

Good prayer, SingingOwl (even though as a Bears fan I am still in mourning and will boycott the game...) :-)