Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please pray for my family

--My dad and mom, George and Mary Jane Butler, at church on Feb. 6

Selfishly, I'm using today's space for my own prayer request.

My mom had been in the hospital from Sunday morning, due to a bad stomach bug and severe nausea. We were talking on the phone yesterday afternoon, she was alone and bored. She was having a lot of trouble with stuttering and stammering, which she sometimes does (this is very frustrating to her as a former speech pathologist!) Then suddenly she made a terrible noise and dropped the phone.

I called the hospital, got through to the nurses' station, and said, "get down there!" She had no pulse. They did CPR and got her back.

We don't know yet the cause of that episode; probably something to do with her heart. She is in ICU having tests. My younger sister is there. My next older sister is ready to go and help out.

And I: I am five hours away, and supposed to leave on the RevGals BE 4.0 on Saturday.

Please pray for my mom, my family, and their care of Mom. Please pray for the doctors and nurses.

Please pray for my discernment as to what is mine to do (stay or go?) I'm not making any decisions just yet.

thank you. Amen.


Songbird said...

Praying for and with you, MB.

Ivy said...

You're in our prayers, Mary Beth. It's hard to be far from ailing family members. May God give you the wisdom and insight you need--and then the peace to walk in that decision.

Terri said...

My prayers will continue....

RevTSB said...

Praying - been in a similar situation years ago - not easy. Hoping your discernment brings clarity and peace.

Tracy Spencer-Brown