Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a prayer in scattered-ness

oh God.
the heater is broken in my car and it is snowing...
snd the retreat isn't planned except for the theme of blessing,
but the blessing bowl project isn't exactly working out so back to the drawing board on that,
besides all the big picture stuff that is really important,
my mind is racing...

from work,
to life,
to family,

and to friends,
dearest ones that I know are waiting for hope to materialize into something a little more tangible than waiting,
for others who grieve deeply at loss and lostness,
for other beloved,
in ministry, struggling with how to be a vessel of justice and courage
when a congregation gets caught in the details, of, oh....carpet color?

for all these thoughts that dart in and out of our minds in the midst of our doings and livings and prayings,
may they be transformed into meditations as they reach your Heart inside of our hearts...
may your love and Wisdom
bless those thoughts and scattered scraps of prayers,
and may we trust
that you hold them in your deepest Presence.



Gaye said...

Oh yes ... amen

Terri said...

Thank you Karla, amen.