Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a prayer for Tuesday...

I love this prayer.
It's from a compilation entitled "Prayers for a Thousand Years" edited by Elizabeth Roberts & Elias Amidon.  (If you haven't noticed yet, I have a particular penchant for prayer books...it's a sort of an addiction, but hey, it could be worse. Now, on to the prayer....)

The world is fast losing its soul
but you don't have to surrender yours.
You don't have to live on a mechanical globe.
You don't have to tame your deep-forest passions.
You don't have to suppress your radiant beauty.

Live your joy,
Go against the grain.
Don't be made timid by worried rejection.
Let nature's curious wisdom fill you.
Let the world's mystical heritage guide you.
Paint your canvases,
play your tunes.

Give your all to the words that are born from you.
Your father and your father's heaven
will never abandon you
but always love
the scintilla of your spirit.
                  Thomas Moore, author, New Hampshire

What is the scintilla of YOUR spirit?

Peace and love to you today...


Mompriest said...

I had to look up the definition of scintilla - a minute amount, or a spark, a flash...and I'm thinking here it means the spark, the flash. The spark, the flash of my Spirit is usually ignited by hope.

Mary Beth said...

mmm, mmm, mmm. I love this. As a book person, and a prayer book person too, I may have to be finding this one.

I don't want to live on a mechanical globe!