Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For All Things

So, today I am especially sad and grateful for the creatures in my life.   I know that many of us are grieving for our animal companions that have recently crossed the rainbow bridge, and I know that my family will be making a hard decision soon about our 16 year old border collie, Venus.  She is one big furball of love, and I am so privileged to have her in my life....as well as the other animals that live with us. Such joy. 

And I should also say that the weather has been absolutely glorious in New England the past week.  The trees are still on fire with their colors, the walks along the river have been restful and meditative, with sightings of swans and great blue herons.  

Today, I am grateful for all things.   All things.  

For All Things
For all things bright and beatuiful,
For all things dark and mysterious and lovely,
For all things green and growing and strong,
For all things weak and stsruggling to push life up through rocky earth,
For all human faces, hearts, minds and hands
Which surround us,
And for all nonhuman minds and hearts, paws
And claws, fins and wings,
For this Life and the life of the world,
For all that you have laid before us, O God,
We lay our thankful hears before you.

-Dr. Gail A. Ricciuti, Associate Professor of Homiletics at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School,
published in "God Has No Religion: Blending Traditions for Prayer" edited by Frances Sheridan Goulart, p. 105


Songbird said...

Love you, praying for you and for Venus and all the sweet pets in your life.

Mompriest said...

yes, grateful for my sweet one's...and this prayer...and for you and your family, and the decision you may need to make, in love.