Monday, June 7, 2010

Divine Mother

Given to me in quiet
you appeared and have transformed as I transform.
You, a distinct being, so perfect for me.
I wouldn't know what to ask for.
The One knew and gave me what I needed and far more.
You come to me at the water’s edge;
you sit on a rock and wait and watch me.
You come into the water with me and I immerse
even more into your cleansing love.
You hold me in the water as though I was a young babe.
We play in the water as free souls.
You know what’s in my heart;
I need not say a word.
You listen with ears of the whole universe;
you listen to one little soul.
You are never rushed.
How marvelously you listen to the unspoken.
How wonderfully you let me know we are women.
You do this by just being;
you don't have to announce it,
it is just there to celebrate.
You are steadfast and honest.
I never have to wonder if you are straight with me.
Oh, how wondrous that is to trust and know
you, and you fully.
You aren't impressed by material goods or powers.
You do not hide.
You are not timid.
You love all.
You reverence all.
You are distressed by the discounting of anyone.
You know we all have something to contribute.
You know we all have something to give.
You know we are vulnerable and able to be touched.
It is a gift to be open to touch.
It is a gift of love to you and the universe.
In turn, it is what opens us to you.
My heavenly Mother,
how grateful I am for you.
We enjoy each other,
and you are always there for me.
I pray I am there for you.

Dawn Cogger.

Spiritual Directors International Presence, June 2010

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