Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Prayer

No one can quench the life that Christ has resurrected. Neither death nor all the banners of death and hatred raised against him and against his church can prevail. He is the victorious one! Just as he will thrive in an unending Easter, so we must accompany him in a Lent and a Holy Week of cross, sacrifice, and martyrdom. As he said, blessed are they who are not scandalized by his cross.

Lent, thus, is a call to celebrate our redemption in that difficult combination of cross and victory. Our people are well prepared to do so these days: all that surrounds us proclaims the cross. But those who have Christian faith and hope know that behind this calvary of El Salvador lies our Easter, our resurrection. That is the Christian people's hope.

These words were spoken the week before Archbishop Romero's assassination in El Salvador 30 years ago today, March 24, 1980.

Source: Oscar Romero Faith and Solidarity Network in the Americas

(From today's Inward Outward.)

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