Friday, January 1, 2010

Prayer For a New Year

Lord, go with us as we travel once again into a new year. It stands before us like an untraveled road, full of promise and adventure. Give us the confidence to know you will be there, whether we travel far or wander on the scenic route.

We acknowledge that we are burdened with the scars and scrapes of the past year. Let them not hinder us from new opportunities to see stars and gifts that point us to a new reality.

Help us to remember the many times in days past when we were full of despair – how you never left our side, but sent your Spirit to quicken our hearts with hope and courage.

We will spend this new year with many people – some will be easy to love and others will be hard to like. Remind us that our witness for you should be that we see all people as your children and relate to them as sisters and brothers in Christ.

Strengthen our hands to do the work of bringing your justice and mercy to this world. Open our ears to the cries of the homeless, the hungry, the sick, and victims of war. Show us new opportunities to serve you with hammers, pots, medicine, and our own presence.

Give us the voice to be a ready witness to the good news of your son Jesus Christ. Break through our polite shyness and help us to share how much your gift of faith means to us. Let our eyes sparkle with the joy of your salvation.

Lord, grant us new vistas of faith. Give us a heart that experiences a mountaintop vision in the midst of our daily work. Show us the Christ in the other and help us to hear the wisdom of those on this pilgrimage with us.

In all things we give you thanks and praise.


-- The Rev. Gradye Parsons

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