Friday, December 18, 2009

Prayer For an Office Christmas Party

Obligation, not celebration...
that's what this is
Most of us want to be home right now
with those we love
instead of hearing watercooler stories
wrapped in tinsel for the holidays
exchanging gifts we didn't want to buy
for gifts we don't want
and engaging in strategic social niceties
because someone is making a list
and checking it twice
But yet I know you're here, God
with my coworker who's had a little too much punch
the wary new hire in the corner
and the ambitious one working the room
the bored spouses
the office cynic cracking wise under her breath as the usual speeches are made to polite applause
This is our world
with its daily dose of politics and pettiness
and eye on the bottom line
whose people you love despite everything
and with whom
you've chosen to make your home.
Help me find some grace here tonight
and give some away.

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