Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Prayer

Dancing Light,
shed light in the corners of our souls
where aches linger
and anger builds like mold
where memories ferment
and self-pity licks its wounds.

Dancing Light,
shine upon the windows of our hearts,
where love should live
and forgiveness be always ready
where hope is bright
and praise ever lifts our tongues.

by Rachel Hackenberg

words from Prayer for Healing, page 221
Before the Amen by Maren C Tirabassi and Maria I Tirabassi


Juniper said...

Asking for prayers here. Thanksgiving is kind of a hard one -- probably not unique in that -- but would love to dodge the sadness this year and looks like I'm not gonna. Thinking of all who grieve losses of all kinds when there's so much emphasis on family this time of year.

Mary Beth said...

A very late prayer for you, Juniper. (o)