Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prayer for First Sunday in Advent

To you Lord, we lift up our heads, hearts and hands in prayer.
We put our trust in you, believing that your word is true.
We lift up to you our longing for hope in a despairing world.
We lift up to you our need for hope in a time of deep hopelessness in our world.
We lift up to you our deep desire for hope in a bleak and sometimes depressing world.

You promised hope to Israelites and you kept your promise.
You promised hope in the coming of your son and he was hope for the world.
You promised hope to the early church and that hope was not denied.
You promise hope to us and we pray for your continued faithfulness.

Lord, we pray for strength when our faith falters.
We pray for you to pour on your love so it fills our lives
and splashes over on everyone around you.
Fill us with confidence in your presence in our lives.
Fill us with your joy and peace as we go through this busy time of year.

Keep our minds focused on you, our hearts filled with you and ours outstretched for you.


She Rev said...

A prayer to share from a FB "friend," a former high school classmate of my mom's that I got connected with because of his career as a UCC minister and instructor at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH. Anyway - - here it is:

"As I return to worship today, overfilled with food, make me remember those still hungry. As I return to work, let me remember the millions with no work. As my grandchildren return to college, let me remember those whose grandchildren return to a war that seems to have no end. As I take my daily medications, let me remember the millions with no health care. Oh God, make me remember ... and restless"

Thanks James Eller! (Posted with his permission)

Mary Beth said...

this is great!