Friday, November 6, 2009

God the Bountiful

God we thank you for your harvest which feeds us so many times each day.

We are nourished with your forgiveness and hope

We are sustained with your strength and patience

We are filled with your grace and compassion

God we thank you for feeding us with a harvest of plenty

We are restored through your generosity and healing

We are replenished with your abundance and joy

We are reminded of your selfless abandon

God we thank you for feeding us with the bread of heaven

Your gift of Christ sustains our lives

His presence restores the promise of your love

His life fills our hearts with your everlasting light

God we thank you too for filling us with the water of life

May we drink deeply that our thirst may be quenched

May your river continue to flow

Over us, in us, through us

And out into the world you love. -- adapted by Christine Sine

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Sophia said...

Beautiful, LC. Thank you.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers for my jurisdiction. Sadly most of the bishops chose lying and coverups over a full implementation of the zero tolerance policy, and the Presiding Bishop who is the heart of the corruption is now trying to dismiss me for the whistleblowing. He is likely using my diagnosis as a weapon but since I am open about it and can prove that I treat my bipolar and, unlike him, have passed a full psych screen with Episcopal Church and been deemed fit for public ministry, I have no fears on that score. (Except for staying stable as I do this activism, so I am consulting very carefully with therapist and spouse at each step). I have one good priest ready to fight for justice and hopefully can find more now that I can be more public about the bishops' actions in violation of the zero tolerance policy. And some of the bishops may be redeemable too whether from moral conviction or desire to be on the right side when the truth comes out.

I have been told to pick up my things from my office Saturday and not attend worship on Sunday (I am not scheduled to preach or preside) but am going to get them Sunday. And I am going to join my community for worship and serving lunch to the homeless and be loving and pleasant and not bring anything up but speak the truth if questions are asked of me or lies are told about me in my presence. There are good priests and laypeople there and the PB will not dare to abuse or evict me in front of them, nor to call police given his own legal vulnerability on this issue, and some there also may be willing to become part of the solution once they know the truth. I have also made a report to the CA dept. of justice of the PB and another bishop's statements recommending that the perpetrator move to once again avoid registration, so may be getting some calls back from law enforcement soon.

Praying hard to be loving, gentle, firm, and absolutely guided by the Spirit at every step--please pray with me. And for the PB who is named Phillip and, I am guessing, living with undiagnosed mental illness or addiction, and his partner Stephen who is a deacon in the church and at this point is fully enabling him. I am praying, along with protection of the innocent and reform of the church, that they will finally get help if the appropriate consequences of the behavior finally occur.

Many thanks.