Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prayer of Lament and Liberation

God of all nations, the suffering on this earth seems too great, the oppression of your people everywhere cries out for healing and hope. We do not understand how we have come to this sad place after so much opportunity and grace. We are not content, and we come to You with our complaints.

We are yearning for the freedom that You have always promised to the saints, the mystics, and the prophets. We desire freedom of heart and mind for ourselves, truth and justice for all peoples, all creatures on this earth, and for the earth itself. We desire to be useable instruments for the purposes of God.

May we not substitute our own darkness for anybody's light--nor too easy light for any necessary and needed darkness. Make us both humble and courageous at the same time, soft and strong together, properly bitter and properly sweet. We offer this prayer in deep trust that You are a Compassionate God who is listening and even answering our prayer. AMEN.

from Richard Rohr, OFM

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