Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Prayer

O Holy Spirit, Fiery Comforter Spirit,
Life of the life of all creatures,
Holy are You, You that give existence to all form.
Holy are You, You that are balm for the mortally wounded.
Holy are You, You that cleanse deep hurt.
Fir of love, breath of all holiness, You are so delicious to our hearts!
Bulwark of life, You are the hope of oneness for that which is separate.

(Based on Hildegard of Bingen) By Kathleen Fischer

Fischer, Kathleen. Autumn Gospel: Women in the Second Half of Life. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1995. 171.

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Juniper said...

gannet girl - I love that prayer from yesterday - hits me where I LIVE so thank you.

Can I ask for prayers for my family? My baby brother is driving right now across country (VT - MN) to move in with his long distance girlfriend. Prayers for his physical safety on the road, and for his emotional health in this new relationship appreciated.

An for my nephew, who has had an appendectomy. He lives with his mom (another brother's ex) in sometimes unsettled situation. Please pray for swift healing for him.