Monday, July 6, 2009

What We Clean We Also Make Sacred

Beneath steel and concrete,
Beneath night's wandering shadow,
Come the eyes, voices and arms--elbows and knees--
That make buildings shine, magnifying the sun into all our faces.
The nameless, the scorned, the ignored--yet
They are the humanity who make human things work.

Mothers and children, fathers and uncles, family and family--
They come to make this city dance, the rhythm of what is just,
What is secure--the dance of strike and protest, demand and dignity.
They toil inside these glass temples--they clean them--
The truly human who now step into the streets, into our tomorrows,
And declare: Basta! Enough! What we clean, we also make sacred.

Luis J. Rodriguez (To my father, Alfonso--a janitor)

in Si, Se Puede! Yes, We Can! Janitor Strike in L.A
Diana Cohn, 2002 (this book is an awesome bilingual illustrated book for kids)


Sophia said...

Just noticed I had two things pre-scheduled for today and they are not cooperating with a move. Oh, well, hopefully each one will speak to someone. Monday blessings!

Sophia said...

Okay, campus interview is scheduled: I fly out this Sunday July 12 and interview Monday July 13. Please pray with me that it will be joyful and successful-- and that an offer will be generated immediately thereafter rather than their projected date of Friday July 17...