Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Sister God

Dear Sister God,
you held me at my birth.
You sang my name, were glad to see my face.
You are my sky, my shining sun,
and in your love there's always room
to be, and grow, yet find a home,
a settled place.

Dear Sister God,
yours is the listening love
--when people meet, and trust, as sharing grows--
that murmurs yes, and yes again,
as sighs and hurts too deep for words
are hailed, embraced, accepted, heard,
and courage flows.

Dear Sister God,
in Christ your love rings true.
Directors, boards, and bosses lose their sway.
Your service frees from servitude,
draws out a love that, strong to give,
can struggle, suffer, care, and live
a better way.

Come, Sister God,
we'll make a different earth,
where all can grow, and know that life is good;
where none exploit, or win, or lose,
but sister-brother, hand in hand,
explore and tend the promised land
of personhood.

Text: Brian Wren
Tune: David Haas

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