Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Prayer

God of our Mother
birthing new life
through chaos

God of our Father
building hope from
the dark night

God of our Sister
comfort us in
times of sorrow

God of our Brother
guide us through the
storms, calm water

God of the Night
brighten our dark
days, warm light

God of the Day
show us the way,
love as you

God, mystery
One in Three and
Three in One

Parent, child, friend
Comforter, Grace
Spirit, Love

Lover, One, All
Infinite One

Sun, Moon, and Stars
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Water, Life.

In Your Image
Abide in us
We in You

In your Image
In Your image


1 comment:

Juniper said...

LOVE this prayer. Thank you so very much.