Wednesday, June 10, 2009

O God, turn your Spirit loose now, and us with it, that we may go where the darkness is.

To face with you the terrible uncertainty of tomorrow:
of what will happen,
what might happen, what could happen,
to me,
and to our children,
and to our friends,
to our jobs, to our relationships,
to our world.

Facing the uncertainty, Lord, grant us grace,
to look at it directly and openly,
to laugh at it with crazy faith in the crazy promise
that nothing can separate us from your love.

To laugh for the joy of it,
the joy of those saving surprises that also stir in the darkness.
And so we trust, despite the dark uncertainty of tomorrow,
in the light of our todays, in the cross,
and in a kingdom coming,
and so we move on and pray on,
with Jesus, our friend and redeemer.


~ from Ted Yoder's Guerillas of Grace

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