Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Prayer

Spirit of companionship and caring, we express our heartfelt gratitude for the company of our friends and family, through whom we experience your gift of love. Help us to burst the bonds of self-concern, and to extend to all those with whom we come in contact the priceless riches of compassion and empathy, so that in our time we may truly experience the heaven on earth that you have offered to us, through the power of the Christ within us. Amen.

John McQuiston II. A Prayer Book for the 21st Century. Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 2004. 90.

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Sophia said...

Well, after swearing off the academic job search the joy and validation of finally having my dissertation published has pulled me back into it again! So far I am fairly hopeful and peaceful and trusting the process will be productive whatever the external result.

Most of this won't gear up till next fall's postings of permanent jobs for the following year, but I am applying to two one year positions for this fall--one in the south, with a welcome M.A. teaching component, and one in the Midwest, with perhaps fewer preps and pretty close to my husband's parents which would simplify all of us getting together. I would be commuting so as not to disrupt the kids repeatedly, since we'll move the following year if I get something permanent.

It would be challenging but would hugely increase my chances of getting a permanent position, as I've been out of the classroom a few years, and would also confirm whether I want to move everyone for a long-term position. So I would appreciate prayers that if one of these jobs would be a blessing for me and us it would come through and that we would be guided on how to best manage everything (including choosing between them if by some miracle I get both offers).

Many thanks.