Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life smooths us

Life smooths us, rounds, perfects,

as does the river the stone,

and there is no place

our Beloved is not flowing

though the current’s force you

may not always like.

-Teresa of Avila

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Sophia said...

Please pray for my son Nick, his upcoming psychiatrist's appt on Monday, and a successful medication adjustment.

His mood stabilizer is fine but he probably needs a change of antidepressant. He was on Prozac earlier this year and it really helped with the constant negativity and meanness, but it started to "switch"--induce mania--so she cut the dose down and we are back where we started. So we will be asking her to try another anti-depressant, which can be tricky in teens, esp. bipolar ones. We need just the right one and right dose to give him some pain relief and ability to pull out of his cycles without making him manic or, worse, suicidal, which is a small but real risk for teens with a-d meds.

Many thanks.