Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Prayer

God, giver of life,
You alone know
how our life can truly succeed.
Teach us in the silence of your presence
to reverence this mystery:
How in the encounter with you
how under your gaze and in your word
we recognize ourselves
as your image and likeness.
Show us how to let go
of whatever hinders us
from meeting you
from letting ourselves be touched by your word.
Help us to welcome and accept
whatever in us yearns to come alive
in the image and likeness you have dreamed for us
today and every day
forever and ever.

Found in
The God Who Won't Let Go
Peter Van Breeman , S.J.

1 comment:

Mary Beth said...

-The shooting at the Binghamton Immigrant Center.

-The police shootings.

-The man who shot his 5 children after finding out his wife was having an affair.

-The shootings at the Korean Christian retreat center in California.

-Just in the last week...

Oh Lord, have mercy. Oh, God, help us.