Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Prayer

God of the night,
where are you
in the darkness of
this hour?

God of the light
surround us
illuminate us
this hour.

God of all love
pour into
suffering and pain
this hour.

God of all hope
embrace our
breathless sorrowing
this hour.

God of peace
enfold us
in your mystery
now, always.

Wounded God
heal us
with your open wounds
and arms.

God of flesh
join us
eat and drink with us
now, always.

open us
to your mystery
of love.

Open us
as you
were opened for us
in love.

God of all
Reaching out your hand
to love

May we take
the hand
extended, open
for us.

And may we
the same extended
love, all.


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