Thursday, April 2, 2009


By what are you saved? And how?
Saved like a bit of string,
tucked away in a drawer?
Saved like a child rushed from
a burning building, already
singed and coughing smoke?
Or are you salvaged
like a car part -- the one good door
when the rest is wrecked?

Do you believe me when I say
you are neither salvaged nor saved,
but salved, anointed by gentle hands
where you are most tender?
Haven't you seen
the way snow curls down
like a fresh sheet, how it
covers everything,
makes everything
beautiful, without exception?

by Lynn Ungar


Teri said...

I need some prayers that my snark stays behind the filters and doesn't come unleashed on some very annoying lay leaders of the church who are DRIVING.ME.INSANE. And some prayers that my inner teenage girl doesn't kick in, making me feel all insecure and wondering if these two people (a couple, one each on the two boards of the church) hate me and are trying to make me leave. And maybe a prayer or two that something affirming and loving would happen...SOON.

Sophia said...

Praying, Teri.