Friday, March 27, 2009

Prayer For a Rainy Day

O God,sometimes I hate it when the rain comes pouring down,with black clouds piled up high and the roof gutters overflowing.

But when the rain stops, and through the window I see a rainbow stretched across the sky, my spirits lighten and I am cheered. I remember that when Noah and his family stepped out of the ark to find a ruined earth you placed a rainbow in their sky, as a sign that you had not forsaken them and would never break your covenant with the world.

Lord, I needed that rainbow. At times I find it hard to hold on to my hopes for myself, for members of my family, or for the world where bad things can and do happen. Help me when I am depressed and hopeless to see the rainbow as your sign of hope. Raise my spirits within me, help me to do my part, and when I have done it leave the future with you.

I do not expect a trouble-free life any more than I expect a rainless winter or a cloudless summer. But in my heart of hearts I know you are faithful and will never abandon me, those I love, or the world around and beyond me.

Give me the patience and courage to carry on. Daily replenish my stores of faith and love and hope, so that no new trial or challenge may overwhelm me. May my life be a rainbow sign to others around me who might also be tempted to lose hope. -- Practical Dreamers' Drop-In Centre

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Sophia said...

Please pray for the healing prayer team at our church, especially our meeting next Saturday. There is an older, semi-conservative woman who is accustomed to calling the shots and apparently hasn't been open to challenge in the past, so the rector has been invited to the next meeting to discuss some valid consultation issues but largely so she can be *made* to listen....She doesn't know this is the real reason he is coming and I have gone from being frustrated with some of her stances to very concerned that she will feel attacked and humiliated. I am praying that it will be a loving and constructive conversation.