Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love does it all.

In the way of God
thoughts count
very little.

Love does it all.

~~Brother Lawrence


Songbird said...


Mary Beth said...

Mmmmm. Good for me today when my thoughts are running around in my head like bad monkeys...

Songbird said...

I am trying to represent that love to my very disappointed 18-year-old, who was rejected by the conservatories he liked best and will need to do a little work to get to a place of feeling happy about going to UT-Austin, even though he liked it very much when he visited. It's a process, I know, and it's my prayer that I can let the process happen without trying to "fix" it.

Deb said...

Wow. This was an appropriate comment for me.

Songbird, we are at a crossroads with the Harpist as well. She got in to the college she wanted (actually, go in everywhere she applied) but she's not showing us by her study habits that we should invest a lot of buckage... She has ADHD and is letting many things distract her. And could conceivably flunk one of her main classes this year because she can't complete assignments.

Oh God. This sucks.

So in fact we are the ones that are reminding her that her good intentions (aka thoughts) are not going to cut it. It is very very hard not to jump in and start "making" her do things.

Pray for us as well that we keep showing love and let choices and consequences fall where they may. And no, not 'fixing' things.

So hard.


Songbird said...

Deb, totally. I believe God hears our prayer about this particular suckage with a parental ear.

Mary Beth said...

Praying for all these young ones. And their mamas.