Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Prayer

Ye Mists and Exhalations that now rise
From Hill or steaming Lake, dusky or grey,
Till the Sun paint your fleecy skirts with Gold,
In honour to the World's great Author rise,
Whether to deck with Clouds th' uncolour'd sky,
Or wet the thirsty Earth with falling showers,
Rising or falling still advance his praise.
His praise ye Winds, that from four Quarters blow,
Breath soft or loud; and wave your tops, ye Pines,
With every Plant, in sign of Worship wave.

John Milton, Paradise Lost, Morning Prayer of Adam and Eve (V, 185-194)


Sophia said...

Okay, friends, we need your prayers for my son Nick--and us--again.

He has been doing really well now that his meds are adjusted, but chose his 12th birthday to have the first problems of the year at his new middle school. His academics are always excellent, but he dissed the PE teacher on Monday and the English teacher worse on Tuesday and will spend tomorrow on in-school suspension. Needless to say he lost several days of computer privileges here as well. This was a periodically recurring problem in elementary school and we really want to nip it in the bud now.

He was initially defensive and defiant when we discussed it, but the prospect of the suspension seemed to get his attention and perhaps make him realize what bad choices he'd made. So I am praying that this will be a learning opportunity for him, that we will be able to be both calm and firm about it (tricky since we never know if something like this is normal tween boy experimentation or a more serious red flag), and that he will make a new start rather than get a chip on his shoulder, esp. with the English teacher, and get into a degenerating pattern.

Many thanks.

Juniper said...

prayers for you and family...

Mary Beth said...

Definitely praying for you all!